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The Eighteen Point Five

It’s been 2 years in the making but my chapter in the anthology Eighteen Point Five has been published and I am so excited to see this project come into fruition!

So what is the book about you ask?

It’s an uplifting and encouraging anthology of 25 people living with a disability or disorder. Either written by them or a writer.

Publish Date –   23 September 2020

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The Cat and her Mistress

“A prophecy, a princess and a talking cat! Delve into the world of Areraswen where a world of magic vie between good and evil and at the centre of this struggle is Saraphina who could be the saviour of all.”

At this stage, there is no release date of The cat and her Mistress but this is definitely the place to keep updated on all of my ongoing work and for the announcement of the release. You can also head to the facebook page to get constant updates.

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