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Pippa.K (Phillippa) is an Australian fantasy writer (her first fantasy book is in the process of being written with no release date set as yet). Phillippa resides in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband, three children, a Labrador and three cats who have created the inspiration to continue on with her love of writing, especially in the fantasy genre.
Phillippa (also known as Philly or Pip to friends and family) began her love of writing as a teen, first starting with vampire fiction and even winning a short story competition involving the Goosebumps book series written by  R. L. Stine. Phillippa love of fantasy began with the works of Michael Ende who wrote The Neverending Story (or Die unendliche Geschichte if you wish to see it written in German) and The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum .
From there her passion for fantasy  grew and she came upon David Eddings, who with his wife Leigh, he authored several best-selling epic fantasy novel series, including The Belgariad (1982–84), The Malloreon (1987–91), The Elenium (1989–91), The Tamuli (1992–94) and The Dreamers (2003–06). Other favourite authors consist of JK Rowling, Robin Hobb and also takes great joy in reading Anne Rice and her Vampire Chronicles.
I’m sure if Philly could have her way she would list many other works that she has grown to love throughout the years,  her love of books and the stories they hold became a huge part of her life as she grew up.  A place that she could escape to, a place of magic and new friends. With that love of stories, she decided that she wanted to share her own. Phillippa hopes to share her own tales of magic and imaginary lands for others to enjoy as much as she does.
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